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Project: Website redesign
Role: layout, graphics, UI design, Drupal Theming, HTML5, CSS3
Patron: Advantage Business Media
Publication: Product Design&Development

This is one of the 22 publications owned by Advantage Business media that I was tasked to redesign. Working in tandem with programmers I have selected and modified Adaptive theme in Drupal to easily support all existing content. At the same time the flexible layout allowed us to accommodate new elements like Company Directory, and implement more ads. After creating the layout and graphics for the website, I worked on the UI for the Product Directory that allowed interested companies to create their profiles and product catalogs which in turn enabled the users find the niche products and providers.

Other website redesigns for ABM
  • scientific computing
Website projects for small businesses
Project: Website design
Role: layout, graphics, Drupal Theming, HTML5, CSS3
Patron: Private Tap

This project is still in development. I have redesigned the homepage that encourages people to sign up for the Private Tap’s newsletter and the secondary pages that are dedicated to local beer events. Since beer brewers are crafty people I opted for playful imagery spiced with a pinch of the arcane.

  • Salinger Group website
  • DB Lenz website
  • Martinez Academy of Arms website
  • Sun Neptun website
  • Beagle Klub website
Promotional Emails & Banners
Promotional Email for Mystery Book Club
Project: HTML email offer, banners
Role: concept, layout, graphics, typography, HTML
Patron: Direct Brands
Book Club: Mystery Guild®

To say that I love books would be an understatement. While I am not sure if Erasmus would be thrilled to work for the book clubs, I enjoyed designing promotional emails that advertised books and the diverse book clubs grouped under Direct Brands. Most of the time I worked on concepts and graphics for HTML emails, followed by matching banners. The copy writer would provide me with a tag line and the marketing representative would give me a list of books relevant to the book club that was being promoted in the email campaign. Besides having plenty of imagination, being proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and HTML was essential in this fast paced environment.

Promotional Email for Columbia House
Project: HTML email offer
Role: layout, graphics, typography, HTML
Patron: Columbia House


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